How can only 5mg be effective?


One of the most asked questions we get is exactly this one – you ask about the effectivity of cialis 5mg, right? Now it all looks suspicious enough since you have like 100mg of Sildenafil in Viagra. That’s a little bit too much compared to only 5mg and it might provoke certain doubts about the product. But we can ensure that we sell only drugs and pills that actually WORK, meaning we wouldn’t offer something that is just a conjurer’s trick. There cannot be any doubt about the quality of Cialis, since the compound starting to have an impact right at this very amount, even though you will probably see packages containing 10mg pills.

Who might appreciate the smaller dose

Older men, who still like to have some good fun, might appreciate the smaller dosage since it doesn’t put their hearts and bodies under such pressure. They actually don’t need as much as the younger ones and the pill is working even when there is just 5mg of the compound. Or those who feel like 10mg is just too much and they want something more to their liking and needs.

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